A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book

Generally, my favorite kinds of workshops are the full day events where I can go through Intervention, Can You Go? and Now What?. But, I am also asked to do other talks…sometimes as short as fifteen minutes.

Through the years, these workshops start to pile up. The material is still good; the points are still valid. They are usually far too long for an article and far too short for a book. Working with Laree Draper at On Target, she has allowed me to give these in audio lectures. Not long ago, Laree compiled these into A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book.

As I reviewed these, some of the information got me thinking about ideas I have tossed aside…somewhat…like the “Elimination in Life” talk. I still follow these principles but I need to be sure to share them more in my workshops.

The price is reasonable, as are all OTP materials. This audio book, pdf and ereader platforms includes the following talks:

The audio has been cleared of “Ums” and other garbles and warbles…and I appreciate that a lot.


You can find it here.

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