Now What?

I was at the UPS store sending a copy of Before We Go to Jordan Syatt. He had visited my house and we had a delightful time. I signed a copy…and he forgot it. The UPS guy picked up the book, held it next to my face and asked:

“Did you write this?”


Jordan and I talked a lot…as happens when strength coaches sit down together. The conversation came up about writing. He asked me; “What is your favorite book of yours?”

I said:

Can You Go?

“Wait, no…
“Now What?

“But you just can’t get it yet!”

Well, now you can. Although CYG focused on everybody, with a hint about how I train elite performers, I could argue that Now What? focuses on elite performance.

I would lose that argument! Now What? is my attempt at showing how the tools of time management, the principles of elite performance, daily habit checklists and—what everybody seems to want—programs fit together for both the person chasing fitness (and I explain that) and chasing elite performance.

Let me pat myself on the back: When I did the Audible part of the book, I sailed through it. Rarely did I have to go back and repeat a messed-up word, sentence or paragraph.

It flowed.

I think the reason the audio book was so easy is simple: The book links together concept after concept building up to the simple idea that “Performance should be better than practice.”

In addition, I offer some answers to the most difficult of questions for the athlete, spouse, scholar and artist:

Now What? [That’s a link to the new book!]

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