Trim your waistline

If you let your waistline “slide” over half you body height, we need to address this. For your health, and how nice you look, you need to bring that measurement down.


You need inefficient movements, so we have been working on an idea based on doing three kinds of work in a bit of circuit: big movements, cardio machines and longer Loaded Carries. Let’s look at one example:


The basic Template

300 Swings

2 x 500 meter Rows

1 Cook Drill (about 400 meters total)


One does not need to do these in order. The following is a great workout:

100 Swings

500 meter Row

100 Swings

500 meter Row

100 Swings

Cook Drill


The general explanation is this: The bulk of your Inefficient Exercises should be fairly big movements that will naturally prod the body into deep breathing. There should be some bellows work in the lungs and this can be done with swings, Goblet Squats, Burpees or any training that makes you move up and down and back and forth. The Get Back Up drill would fit here, too.


I recommend Phil Maffetone’s numbers for this training. Very simply, he uses the formula 180 minus age (with a few variations) to figure the high range for the Heart Rate. When the HR dips below 160 minus age, it is time to get going again. Reps and sets change when you use a HR Monitor to control a training program. When the HR goes above 180-Age number, stop. When it goes below 160-age, go.


You can do this with skipping, running, jump roping, hiking, blading or whatever you feel like doing. I like the control of Kettlebell swings, when the buzzer goes off you either stop or start, but everybody is different.


We also encourage work with standard cardiovascular machines for some of the inefficient exercise training. Several bouts of around two minutes seem to have a positive impact on HR, body temperature and accelerated breathing without impacting the other qualities like strength and power too much. So far, two bouts of around two minutes each with a piece of cardiovascular equipment seems repeatable and doable every day. Tossing in these two heats makes the rest of training more inefficient.


Finally, some form of Loaded Carry or Rucking to finish off the fat burning session seems to help. We can practically kill you with Car Pushes, but we want a repeatable, moderate finisher that will insist that the whole body works in union and provides some challenges for the whole fat burning process. HeavyHands, Cook Drills, Rucking or any other carry that extends to about five to fifteen minutes is fine.


Cook Drill

Loaded Carries demand integrity. Gray Cook has a wonderful drill that we call the Cook Drill at my gym:


Pick a weight you can hold in the Bottoms Up position at the rack. Shift hands and retest on the other arm in the Bottoms Up position. You will settle on the load that you can hold in a Bottoms Up Rack in either hand. Generally, men can use the 20 Kilo and women the 10 kilo on the first outing.


Now, begin walking, but with one small thing:


Hold the weight extended above the head in the Waiter Walk position. As you continue, wait until you feel like you are losing integrity. Then, shift to the rack. Hold this position until you feel that same loss of integrity. Then, shift to the Suitcase Carry position.


When you start to lose the integrity in the Suitcase position, shift hands and follow the same progression: Waiter to Rack to Suitcase.



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