Forgot my Blog??? A new interview and a question

Did I forget my Blog? Sorry!

New Interview here from my back porch.


“Dan, I train in tight quarters. I want to learn the Olympic style lifts, but I can’t afford to miss a lift, otherwise damage will be done. How should I train”

That is where my Transformation Program came from

I only had two 25 pound plates, two 35s, and a bar. I trained in my guest room a few feet from bookshelves, trophy cases and lots of porcelein dolls.

My transformation program is based on 3 sets of 8 with a minute rest:

Day One
Military Press
Power Curl

Day Two
Front Squat
Overhead Squat

Day Three
Whip Snatch (or High Hang Power Snatches)
Clean Grip Snatch from the Knee

I literally never missed, because I couldn’t. I went to a meet on this program, never cleaning or squatting with more than 165 and Clean and Jerked 308. So, it is possible to do this.

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