Advice from Arnold

In Arnold’s book, The Education of a Bodybuilder, we learned a technique that few of us continue to use: training outside. Arnold and his pal would grab a barbell, find a place in nature, pick an exercise, then just go for it. After working to exhaustion, they would enjoy wine, food and the ladies.


It’s a great way to train. It is a great way to train ALL the time. One of my favorite tricks for breaking out a rut is to simply grab a single Kettlebell (dumbbells work fine, too) pack it in the well of the back seat and drive out somewhere. I reinvented myself after a Total Hip Replacement by doing this kind of workout on the beach. You can go to a park or just pull over near any wooded area.


Carry the bell as far as you can with your less strong arm. When you get tired or can’t keep going, you just discovered where you are going to train. That movement is called the Suitcase Carry.


You can choose to either follow Arnold’s lead and pick an exercise and just work it to death. That is fine.


Try these:


Goblet Squats


One arm press

Turkish Get Ups




If you want to do a whole body workout, here you go:


15 Swings

5 Goblet Squats

5 Push Ups


Repeat this for as many rounds as you can. Rest when you need to but just keep piling on the sets.


Toss in some flexibility moves and you can really knit yourself back together during this Nature workout. Some experts also advocate climbing trees, bouldering and the like and, of course, that is fine, too.


The idea is to get out. Get outside. Breath fresh air. Get away from gyms that banish people from dropping bells. Nature doesn’t mind.


Oh, and then after this? Carry the bell back to the car. This might be the toughest part.

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