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Lacie’s Olympic Lifting Complexes

Every so often, the O lifting bug returns to our gym. I still believe that the O lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) supplemented with some Loaded Carries like Farmer Walks is all an athlete will ever need. So, Lacie Helfert and a few others have been learning the O lifts. I use Dave Turner’s templates,….  


In the past three months, I have had to chance to speak with the military, college teams and high school coaches. Since I write and publish a lot, the leadership in these groups often adopt some of my ideas like Quadrants, “Can You Go,” the 1-2-3-4 assessment and the movement structure of Intervention.   There….  

Slade asked me about Financial Planning

I’m not a professional personal finance guy, but the same toolkit we have in the gym and field really carries over into our issues with (and without) money. Don’t take any of this as anything but some suggestions to a friend. These are all things that worked well for me. Oddly, the principles make a….  

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