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Tension and Training

The most underappreciated part of strength training is understanding tension. Let’s imagine that you have a tension/relaxation dial that goes from one to ten. (“To eleven…that’s one more” to quote my inner Spinal Tap). One is a sloppy mess on the floor after a sauna, massage, sex and martinis. This is total relaxation. A ten….  

Loads for Loaded Carries

When assessing a strength program, there are generally two gaps in the training. Almost universally, trainees fail to do appropriate depth in squatting. And simply adding Goblet Squats can do wonders and miracles for every trainee from elite performer to home gym enthusiast to big box gym rat.   The other gap is Loaded Carries…..  

Pull Ups

In my collection of books, magazines and other fitness related materials, I don’t have a lot on the pull up. It was the key exercise for most offseason athletes before the widespread adoption of the barbell and, yet, little was written about it.   For grip, upper body strength, and core work, the pull up….  


Literally, at your feet, is a fat loss machine. It is called the “ground” and the vast majority of trainees never use it. Oddly, simply getting up and down off the ground can ramp up your metabolism and make it more likely for you to make the tackle in a football game or survive a….  

Standing Long Jump: My Favorite Test

For my performance clients, both the collision sport and occupation people and the non-collision clients, two tests stand out to measure how we are progressing. They are the Standing Long Jump and the Farmer Walk test.   For the FW, put bodyweight (as close as you can do it) on a Trap Bar and carry….  

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