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Doing the Movements

An answer to a forum post about the O lifts Just by doing the lifts…even just the squat variations…you are miles ahead of most people who just talk about them. As a beginner, do the two O lifts very light multiple times a day. I would recommend a little more than a broomstick, but honestly….  

I have always thought,

Rest and recovery don’t get the press they deserve. I have been telling people for a while to use Sunday to not only rest but to take care of business. Josh Hillis has this great idea of using Sunday as the day where you buy the food, prep the food and store the food. That….  

The Transformation Program

This is my basic training plan. It is nice “in-season” or when time is an issue. The Transformation Program This is a workout that has worked very well for a number of discus throwers/hammer throwers/shot putters that I have trained for the past few years. Its simplicity can really overwhelm an athlete. However, after a….  

The Body as One Piece program

This is a real world program. It took years to develop, so it went through a lot of revisions. I will try to make the stuff that doesn’t make sense, make sense. Week one Monday Power Snatch 6 sets of 3 (18 reps) trying to do two double pyramids After each set of snatches, immediately….  

The Rosenberg Protocol

Formerly known as the “Lincoln Program” Thanks to MLL for putting this together. Day One Warm Up Overhead Squats A few Sets of Three High Pull Cleans High Pull Snatches Three sets of Three with weights 5% under best of the lifts.(Do three sets of three clean high pulls followed by three sets of three….  

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