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The collected JDCHS Workouts

Please don’t ask for explanations of the exercise names, they are common exercises that we added goofy titles just to keep moving along. I’m doing several workshops this year for HS Strength Coaches and this is a resources. Warm up • Waiter Walks/Suitcase Walks/Heartbeat Walk • Light Goblet Squats / Hip Flexor Stretch “Make Space”….  

Lots of interviews lately!

I posted most of these, and new articles, over on Facebook, but, if you missed them, here. Enjoy! This one also as a transcirpt.

Burr Ridge Workout and Youtube site

My Youtube PageDuring the workshop, people told me they couldn’t find my Youtube Page. Here you go. And…our afternoon session: Naked Workout Ground Based Warm Up 6 Point Rock Inchworms 6 Point Neck Nods Inchworms Wrist Vents Inchworms 6 Point Zenith Inchworms Pump Inchworms Hip Thrusts Heart Pumper One Stop and Pop Proper Push Up….  

Go Forth

There is something I find interesting about working in the fitness industry: everyone at every party I go to is an expert in fitness and health. It is the exact same thing as when I teach World Religions: most people enter the classroom assuming that because they attend church on a regular basis, celebrate certain….  

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