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The Quadrants

This is the third of a set of excerpts from the Intervention DVD. As I describe the Quadrant concept, Quadrant #1 is what I would call something like a basic PE class — like the PE class I told you about before. How many sports should you learn in a PE class? In a 3-year….  

Green Light, Yellow Light, Red light

This is the second of a set of excerpts from the Intervention DVD. Question #1 of Intervention—Rule #1 is What’s your goal? What’s the task you are asking me to support? And then we move from there. I have stolen this and everybody uses this method now for a thousand…but I use it to help someone with….  

What is Health? What is Fitness?

This is the first of a set of excerpts from the Intervention DVD. What is health? Health—and these are Phil Maffetone’s definition from this wonderful book called, Everyone is an Athlete, which lots of people make fun of. His vision of health and fitness is that no matter who you are, train like an athlete…..  

300th Fitcast

A long time ago, at the LAX Test Fest, Kevin videoed me teaching the Goblet Squat and O lifts. This is before other people invented the Goblet Squat after I invented it. But, since that video, my career exploded. Now, he has this very popular fitcast. Enjoy!

The “One Mat” Workout for my friends at the Perform Better Hands-On

Some of it is just “names” when you see the exercise selection. “Loaded Cuddles” are simple rolling from your side to your back with a load on your tummy. “Hinges” can be anything we discussed. Rock Squat is Six Point Rock and many of the things are just names for stuff you do. The idea….  

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