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Thinking about the process today

I had a marvelous phone conversation with Laree Draper last night. I think my next book (maybe “next next”) is finished. I have 90,000 plus words and now I am going through and looking for the various issues and problems. Laree made a good point: she noted that I tend to like to finish something….  

Assessments: The Most Important Thing is Doing Them

Today at the gym was Assessment Day. There is this wonderful yin-yang between Goal Setting and Assessment: it is great to have goals but how do you know you are on your way? So, today, we did the 1-2-3-4 Assessment. It’s fun to do assessments in a group setting. Today, we did some of our….  

An Insightful Blog Post

This is a pretty good insight here. As I always tell people who want to have a “perfect program:” Add Goblet Squats and Farmer Walks

I mentioned this Tweny Day Program to the SFG here in London

The First Twenty Days Fresh from a new learning experience, there is always a tendency to want to do everything all at once. That is tough to do and fraught with long and short-term issues. The first twenty days after this experience should be a chance to strive to master the movements and train the….  

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