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Mike Prevost’s Series on Rucking

This might be as good as anything I have ever seen. It’s two parts: Part One Part Two If you need a simple “Do This” program, you might not find anything better than to “do this:” The basic ruck strength training program consists of one big movement exercise for each of the six basic movements,….  


The first and most important consideration in “peaking” is understanding that the athlete needs “a lot of water under the bridge” to peak. And, I mean, the athlete needs a lot of water here. Nothing drives me more crazy than someone telling me that they are peaking for some low level crap lift or event…..  

Another Way to Look at Hypertrophy

The problem with standard hypertrophy programs, beside their built in boredom, is the inability to jack up intensity. We tend to let accumulated fatigue, which is good in the case of high rep squats, to limit the load. By breaking apart the sets just a little bit, you can add more weight to the bar….  

The Geometry of Fitness

Probably somewhere in your deep, dark past, you sat in Geometry class in high school. You learned something called “Proofs,” and it was all about two things: “Givens” and “To Prove.”   Givens are things you might not even notice, but they have a huge impact on you. When you were told line A to….  

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