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Reclaiming the Bars from those —-, dirty Apes!

If I could summarize smart training I would say this: Train your whole body daily with enough work and appropriate load. Let me give you two words to aid in your understanding of training the movements with appropriate work and load: Integrity and Environment.   Integrity is a word I use often in my work…..  

Easy Strength…new videos and information

I made the mistake of going on to a popular forum site that Thomas and Lindsay tell me about often. Once there I found a discussion of “Easy Strength” and one, um, “lifter” wrote that he/she couldn’t understand why I had all of these “different programs.” So, I thought about it for a while. It’s….  

Doing things the right way

I think I spend about half of my career answering questions with two basic responses. “It depends” is brilliant, as most people don’t realize that strength training has hundreds of exercises, dozens of tools and nearly an infinite number of ways of combining everything together. The needs of an NFL lineman and a 70 year….  

The Anterior Chain

Years ago, we used to talk about back training in the gym as doing the Olympic lifts or the powerlifts. One day, someone cracked out a textbook and decided to call this kind of work “Posterior Chain.” And, that is fine. I still have strong opinions that pulling 600 pounds off the floor is a….  

Programming 101…and My Birthday! (Welcome to what 60 looks like!)

  It’s a rare day that the question of programming comes up. I would love to just say “Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Loaded Carry and Groundwork for reasonable reps and load,” but that doesn’t truly answer the key issues.   The first issue is simply: “What is your goal?” If you want fat loss you….  

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