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Some old stuff that I am reworking…and love!

Years ago, John Powell and I had a long conversation about training past the age of forty. John, for those of you who may not know, is the former world record holder in the discus and holds two bronze medals from the Olympics…as well as a Silver medal from the world championships at age forty!….  

Rest: The Definitive Answer

I enjoy the emails that seem to fill my inbox every morning. People ask me about training insights from everything from winter sports to fighting arts. I help as I can. I get emails about my programs quite often usually variations of this question: “Dan, I am doing the One Lift a Day Program. If….  

An old article about the death of a friend

It has been happening. Just like my coaches and friends warned me about over twenty years ago. In the past year, three of my friends have died. Two of my childhood heroes are shells of men even though they are only in their fifties. In the tiny throwing community, guys who toss the shot, disc,….  

The Dick Smith Interviews: Insights on Isometrics and Overtraining

Thanks to Mike Rinaldi, I had the wonderful opportunity of talking with Dick Smith over a series of telephone interviews. Dick’s background includes World War II experiences, a quarter squat over 1000 pounds and a lifetime of funny insights about the world of athletics. Yet, when you begin to look at the roll call of….  

Learn the Olympic Lifts

When I started lifting, the sport of Olympic lifting was king and all the other lifting sports were snickered at for attracting oddballs. It was January in Utah and as I looked out my garage door, I saw another blanket of snow layer my driveway. As soon as I finished lifting, I would march back….  

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