Sarah Smith on Pelvic Floor Training

Last week, I had the chance to teach a KB cert with Sarah Smith. I have thought for a while that some (too much!) of our teaching needs a review. The biggest gap seems to be, and I can overstate this, training women.

And, this is most clear when it comes to issues of the pelvic floor. Sarah taught me a few simple things and I asked her for more. With her permission, I include the document she sent me.

It is amazing:  tensionbreath

Here is a link.

Her contact information:


Mike Prevost’s Series on Rucking

This might be as good as anything I have ever seen.

It’s two parts:

Part One

Part Two

If you need a simple “Do This” program, you might not find anything better than to “do this:”

The basic ruck strength training program consists of one big movement exercise for each of the six basic movements, performed as 3-5 sets of five repetitions, loaded as “sets across” done two times per week on non-consecutive days. The goal is to lift heavy with good form.

Ruck Program Overview:
Monday:  Four movements: squat, vertical push, pull, core
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Conditioning
Thursday: Ruck
Friday: Four movements: hip hinge, horizontal push, pull, core
Saturday: Ruck