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Humane Burpee

The longer I work in the weightroom, the smarter I try to be about time. The clock, the stopwatch and the cellular phone might be omnipresent in every facility today, but wasting time is still a big issue. To deal with time, and time wasting, we all have our tricks. Between sets of lifting exercises,….  

Changing Lives with One Piece of Equipment

Single implement complexes are a great way to train multiple qualities at once. A complex is doing an exercise for a given number of reps, then moving on to another exercise without ever putting the bar or bell down.   In the barbell world, these have been around a long time. Back in the 1960s,….  

Warren Buffet and Strength Training

Warren Buffett’s name gets tossed around all the time. If you get the nod from Warren that your company is good, enough people will invest to insure you have the money to make this company “pretty good.”   He was once asked by Charlie Rose, who seems to get the best out of a lot….  

Prison Thinking

I have a three-day seminar called “The Art of Coaching.” My overriding principle for coaching is focusing on the interplay between two things: the Goal and Assessment. Assessment is simple: are we getting closer to the goal.   That doesn’t fill up three days! I spend time asking about what you know, how you do….  

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