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Guest Blog Post from Anne Reuss

  (I met Anne at Equinox a few months ago. I was immediately impressed by her focus and will. Since then, we have kayaked the Chicago River, swam Lake Michigan and trained Kettlebells. She is an amazing trainer and person.) At one point, you face an obstacle. Sometimes it feels like it’s keeping you back…..  

A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book

Generally, my favorite kinds of workshops are the full day events where I can go through Intervention, Can You Go? and Now What?. But, I am also asked to do other talks…sometimes as short as fifteen minutes. Through the years, these workshops start to pile up. The material is still good; the points are still valid…..  

The New DVD: Now What?

The hardest part of coaching…and really life in general…is “Now What?” Maybe a lot of you are like me when I got my college degree. My Dad believed that that diploma was the yellow brick road to success. He was right, you know, my degrees have got me through a lot of doors and enhanced….  

Lacie’s Olympic Lifting Complexes

Every so often, the O lifting bug returns to our gym. I still believe that the O lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) supplemented with some Loaded Carries like Farmer Walks is all an athlete will ever need. So, Lacie Helfert and a few others have been learning the O lifts. I use Dave Turner’s templates,….  

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