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A Simple Strength Program

(This is dedicated to my friends at Fort Lewis. This is the idea I was trying to explain.) We tend to overcomplicate everything in life. Tell someone to “eat clean” and you need a 500-page manual to explain it. To get “in shape” might take several thick volumes of work to detail everything.   But,….  

Advice for the General Enthusiast

One of the hardest things to understand as a Weekend Warrior or general fitness enthusiast is that the tools and lessons of elite performance sport have great value and can really point us on the right path. Every so often, the sports networks will highlight some athlete who sleeps in a high altitude chamber, drinks….  

Perform Better “Hands On” Notes

This is the Movement Chart from the Lecture.  The “Sixth Movement” doesn’t lend itself to the chart as well as the other Five. So, “basically,” it would be something like this: Claudio Gil Soares de Araújo: “Sit on the Floor. Now Get Up” Get Back Up Drill (See Below) Vertical Bird Dogs/BDs TGUs/1/2 Kneeling Work….  

Yes, I once ran a 10 K race…and nothing was chasing me

When my wife’s grandma died, I showed up at the old house with various cousins, aunts and uncles to help move grandpa to a residential community. After living in the same house for sixty years, they had acquired a fair share of things that may have seen better decades. I pulled up in my pickup….  

Uncle Somebody

Thirty-seven years ago, I sat at my dinner table at 106 Ramona Avenue in South San Francisco. It was my family home and I had spent my life sprinting in and out of this room chasing and chased by brothers (and my dog, Paint), enjoying conversation with my family and shoveling down food. This night….  

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