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Hands On Training

Ever since Dan Martin came up with the idea of a “weekly gathering” that became the Coyote Point Kettlebell Club (the PDF is available here), I have discovered the value in offering free training sessions to literally whomever shows up. I continued this tradition when I moved to Crosspointe (The Crosspointe Kettlebell Club) and now….  

The Three “Longevity” Tests

I’m up here in Vancouver and I am really enjoying a two day workshop. Rick is giving me two full days to present my Intervention materials and we are going through a bunch of stuff that will be in my next book which I am calling “Reasonableness” as a working title. So, the issue of….  

Strength Standards…Sleepless in Seattle

Stupidest name for a movie ever: I slept ten hours last night. The weather puts me to sleep. I am here at Perform Better and I gave out my strength standards from the book, “Intervention:” For Men: Push Expected = Bodyweight bench press Game-changer = Bodyweight bench press for 15 reps Pull Expected = 5….  

State Meet!!!

So, they called my name and I went up and got my medal. For the record, I have earned literally hundreds of medals in my athletic career. But, for the first time in a long time, this one meant something. I have been on a long journey since my last competition. It was July 24,….  

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