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Intervention Helper, Chapter 22

Obviously, Chapter 22 is pivotal. In my next book, I will simplify the Five Principles to Three as the more I work on this the “cleaner” just combining these into three seems to be for the average person. Honestly, “Master your Movements” might be the whole thing, but I like to talk too much. My….  

The Three E’s: Exercise, Eat and Eliminate

The Genesis of this insight about the “Three E’s” came to me at a workshop. As many of you know, who read “Intervention” any way (why don’t you have it if you don’t?), I believe that a Reasonable Way of Eating and a Reasonable Training model (see “Even Easier Strength”) trumps insanity all the time…..  

Intervention Helper; Chapters 13 to 20

Chapters 13 to 20 are some of my favorite topics. I’m sorry I don’t have a lot more links, but many of the points can be found in the earlier posts. I am very pleased with how this book is being received and I am already fleshing out the “how to” book that will follow…..  

My Handout for the Perform Better Workshop in Los Angeles this weekend

It will be my first time giving a workshop dedicated to training the Middle Aged Client. I have discovered that Middle Agers give some insights about training elite athletes that simply opens my eyes. I love working with high school and college kids sure, but they recover so easily and, all too often, we spend….  

Intervention Helper: Chapters 12-16

One quick thing, you can find all the “Helpers” at this nice little extra page made by Laree. Frankly, this was a tough one. I had no idea which way to go on the exercise videos, so I decided…for now…not to suggest any. The problem with linking to Youtube is all the inappropriate comments, first….  

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