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Excess is the Enemy of Nature: Report from the Field

“…Excess is the enemy of nature.” But athletes pay no attention to these or others of his wonderful sayings which they transgress., and their practices are in direct opposition to his doctrines of good health. Furthermore, the extreme conditioning of athletes is treacherous and variable, for there is no room for improvement and it cannot….  

Keeping you on the path for those New Year’s Resolutions

I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and his system of incurring “instant” change. His work has taught me what a big lever I have as a coach with pain. Pain motivates people better than any golden ring somewhere in the future. In my life, losing my ability to function normally to both illness….  

Some New Interviews and Materials

Interview with PB Middle East   More examples of Pirate Maps in case you miss the point…. Pirate Map for Finance: Remain debt-free. Maintain an emergency fund with enough to cover minor problems (and make it easily accessible). Save some money every month for some distant “fortune fund.” Buy quality goods and services. Maintain your….  

New Interview Up Anthony Arvanitakis does a nice job finding interesting quotes and allowing us to discuss life, lifting and learning. I enjoyed our talk. I was also impressed that he popped this up in two days. Enjoy.

Hammer and Stone Training

Doctor Stu McGill is a genius…and a friend. His clarity in training athletes has changed my entire approach to Performance. He “pounds,” and this might be funny in a moment, on twin concepts that make an athlete great: Hammer Stone Because of throwing and American football, I have always used the concept of “Bow and….  

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