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I love Jobim

For whatever reason, when I put my Pandora on and Bossa Nova comes up, I am happy. Always. To be fair, it is a rare time when I am not happy. Let’s be honest, I wake up every day and spend the bulk of my day doing things I want to do and I can….  

I’m Working On Some New Ideas

The book, “Mastery,” has been running around my head for a few weeks. I’m still trying to recover from my workshop in Tacoma, we went for 12 hours I think, and I know that my attempt to teach “Reps” better by discussing posture, joint mobility, body movement in an image of “dabbling,” “obsessive” and “mastery”….  

Insights from the NFL

I had an NFL player spend a few days with me. For the record, I’m big. For the record, I’m small. It depends on who is standing next to you!!! On our first night, in the kitchen, we just finished a pot roast (slow cooked, the onions were excellent and Lindsay ate all the carrots)….  

31st State Weightlifting Championships

I went over to Union Middle School today and lifted, as requested by my lifting Coach Dave Turner, in the state championships. There was a scrapbook in his warm up room and there was fun couple of pictures of me at the FIRST state weightlifting championship. Mom had just died and I had been training….  

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