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Yeah, well, yes…I made up the word. The point is that sometimes in life and training, things just seem to come together and it starts to make sense. In the last few days, I had: The Utah State University strength coach come down and visit and share stuff.

Good Training!

As we walk towards the end of the semester, it’s nice to see the kids buying into things. I’m actually buying into some of it, too. Today, I Benched 235 for nine on my last set, then zipped through a nonstop 100 rep 16K Kettlebell snatch workout. Like I noted on the Q and A….  

Garrison Keillor

I took Lindsay to Kingsbury Hall last night and listened to a two hour monologue by Garrison Keillor. It’s a lost art form. It’s amazing to watch: a man in a suit with red socks and red shoes talking for two hours connecting threads of one story to another and tying them all together at….  

New Audio Interview

This was a fun interview with Geoff Neuport. I have known him a long time and he had great questions and lots of things to add to our dialogue. The discussion of feet was well worth the time! Click the play button to listen to the interview

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