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The Middle of the Strength Universe

I am pulling up to school this morning and Master RKC Brett Jones calls me. I get in and Mike Brown has a bunch of new FMS ideas. My emails have piled up with some of the best and brightest names in strength training. In my mailbox later in the day, Lyle McDonald has some….  

I can’t believe the progress in my hip

Before I begin my usual hyperbole, I should note it has been over a month since I reinjured it, but, honestly, after my humiliation in San Jose, I think I finally “get it.” Mike Boyle has a wonderful book (available at that I practically read every day. This morning, I got my copy out….  

Finally, a Chance to Sleep

I have been going at a rate that I can’t sustain. It is track season, so we had three meets in four days. The head coach is an idiot for scheduling like this. The next time I look in the mirror I will point that out. Last weekend, we had St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and….  

Workshop in Sunnyvale

I have to tell you that if you missed these two days, you missed a lot. A lot of quality instruction, a lot of quality people. Yes, of course, I was brilliant, but there was a vast amount of quality information and hands on work for everyone. I noted a couple of things. I know….  

Yeah, I’m that guy…

At this moment, I am sitting in the Delta Crowne Room sipping a Maker’s Mark and working on my next book(s). Today, we had the annual St. Patrick’s Parade and Tiff always jokes that I am running for mayor here. I have former students who ask about things that happened thirty years ago, current students….  

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