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Straining and Training and Whatever

The hard part of prepping for so many things at once is prepping for so many things at once. I have a lifting meet and the RKC and life all whirling around here. So, what do you do? Well, from what I can see, honestly, just doing something somewhat akin to what your goal is….  

Madness Ensues. Or Whatever.

Ever had “that” week? Well, so did I. Sometimes, you stand in the middle of the whirlwind and sometimes you are the wind. This week, the metaphor is more of a semaphore. And, no, I have no idea what that means either. But, sitting in the middle of the craziness was the barbell and the….  

One of my first workshops was on…

This idea that there are like two models of training people: one, the industrial revolution and, two, the more intuitive (or “Irish,” as I am starting to think of it more and more). The IR model, or “Maxine” named after a lady I used to work with, is the idea that we will train like….  

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