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There is so much to discuss

I’m just getting ready to pop over to my brother-in-law’s house. Craig has been in my life a long time and I think that my family is going to go through a couple of interesting years. Geoff and Rose got engaged today, things are moving along for this person and that person, and, well, life….  

A Rather Humbling Workout

Well, check one’s ego at the door: Double Kettlebell Front Squats…Tabata Style. 20 seconds on, ten seconds off for four minutes WITH the joy of the bells constantly pulling me forward so the stomach pressure builds up so much I couldn’t breath right and… Oh, I’m sure the Interwebs superstars can do this for 18….  

Big Smile…back to normal

I’m typing this on my brand new lap top. Many of you don’t know I fried mine in Ireland. It’s a good story and I’m sure you would like to hear it. Not yet. It’s funny, but it has some hurt feelings floating along with it. And, it’s always fun to drop a grand or….  

Top Ten List

I strongly suggest something that Tiff and I do every year: we make a Top Ten List. It’s that time again. It’s simple, you list the ten best things of the last year and anything that went another direction in another list. There are many years we scramble for something negative to remember. It is….  

Home, Training, and Insights

As everyone knows, I learn more at my seminars than my audience. There is an old joke about teaching: 40 people watching one person learn the material. It’s true in an odd way. In Dublin, I kept on my little policy of absolute honesty. I am coming out with my own version of the Velocity….  

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