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Yoga and Christmas Parties

I had a great week of training. Sometimes, when I am most busy, I let the training slide as I make this rational decision that the time I use working out will be better served working. It is ALWAYS wrong. So, I had my college finals, my high school finals, and a trip to Ireland….  

Giving Back

For the record, this is not “off topic.” I believe in this principle as much as I believe in training, resting and eating right. Through an odd set of events, I sat there in the weightroom today and laughed about how all these good things happen to me. Honestly, and maybe something awful is on….  

Advances In Functional Training

There is a line in Mike Boyle’s new book, Advances in Functional Training, that just made me laugh out loud: “On the other hand, some of our hardest working athletes look like they hardly train. As long as their performances reflects the time and effort they’ve put in, I’m happy.” The whole book is filled….  

Robert Gummerson on Bulking

An old friend, and inventor of the “Gummerson Drill,” Robert Gummerson sent this nice email to me after he read my article on tmuscle. This is the best part of the net, the sharing of real information by real people. The real great ones share a lot and don’t put themselves on “airs.” Hi Dan,….  

Robb Wolf Breaks My Heart!

I love Robb. He has been my mentor in nutrition since we first shared emails in 1999 or so. Robb has had me play with ideas like only single foods at meals (stuff yourself on turkey or steak and it’s good for you!) and, of course, he was the guy to make me start taking,….  

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