Now What?

I was at the UPS store sending a copy of Before We Go to Jordan Syatt. He had visited my house and we had a delightful time. I signed a copy…and he forgot it. The UPS guy picked up the book, held it next to my face and asked:

“Did you write this?”


Jordan and I talked a lot…as happens when strength coaches sit down together. The conversation came up about writing. He asked me; “What is your favorite book of yours?”

I said:

Can You Go?

“Wait, no…
“Now What?

“But you just can’t get it yet!”

Well, now you can. Although CYG focused on everybody, with a hint about how I train elite performers, I could argue that Now What? focuses on elite performance.

I would lose that argument! Now What? is my attempt at showing how the tools of time management, the principles of elite performance, daily habit checklists and—what everybody seems to want—programs fit together for both the person chasing fitness (and I explain that) and chasing elite performance.

Let me pat myself on the back: When I did the Audible part of the book, I sailed through it. Rarely did I have to go back and repeat a messed-up word, sentence or paragraph.

It flowed.

I think the reason the audio book was so easy is simple: The book links together concept after concept building up to the simple idea that “Performance should be better than practice.”

In addition, I offer some answers to the most difficult of questions for the athlete, spouse, scholar and artist:

Now What? [That’s a link to the new book!]

A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book

Generally, my favorite kinds of workshops are the full day events where I can go through Intervention, Can You Go? and Now What?. But, I am also asked to do other talks…sometimes as short as fifteen minutes.

Through the years, these workshops start to pile up. The material is still good; the points are still valid. They are usually far too long for an article and far too short for a book. Working with Laree Draper at On Target, she has allowed me to give these in audio lectures. Not long ago, Laree compiled these into A Lifelong Approach to Fitness Audio Book.

As I reviewed these, some of the information got me thinking about ideas I have tossed aside…somewhat…like the “Elimination in Life” talk. I still follow these principles but I need to be sure to share them more in my workshops.

The price is reasonable, as are all OTP materials. This audio book, pdf and ereader platforms includes the following talks:

  • Goal Setting
  • The Quadrants of Diet and Exercise
  • Elimination in Life
  • Challenges
  • Boomer Fitness
  • What Makes an Athlete Elite?
  • Fundamental Human Movements.

The audio has been cleared of “Ums” and other garbles and warbles…and I appreciate that a lot.


You can find it here.

The New DVD: Now What?

The hardest part of coaching…and really life in general…is “Now What?” Maybe a lot of you are like me when I got my college degree.

My Dad believed that that diploma was the yellow brick road to success. He was right, you know, my degrees have got me through a lot of doors and enhanced my life. But, the day I held it, with my laundry bag and suitcase that represented my entire life’s possessions, I stared off and wondered…Now What?

It took me a long time to get my arms around this concept. We make a goal, finish a challenge, or finish that last day of a 90 Day Program and wonder what to do next. My new DVD, Now What?, attempts to walk the coach, athlete and everybody else through the process of discerning what to do next.

I am in the process of expanding this into a book. The following is a very popular part of the workshop, “Shark Habits:”

I use Shark Habits in much of my professional and personal life. When I open an email, I answer it. Always. If I don’t have time to deal with emails, I don’t open the account. I believe in only touching postal mail once. I go through the mail and discard the junk in the garbage can (sadly, most of the mail is junk today). If it requires attention, I deal with it immediately.

If the bride wants to know if we are coming to the reception, I let her know…now! If it is a bill, pay it. If a telephone call needs to be made, make the call, that’s all.

I fail on this sometimes. Oddly, when I do forget to do something, like redo my annual business application, I lose the form and it costs me hours of backtracking, waiting on hold, and dealing with unhelpful people at the state office.

During my hour on hold, I recommitted to Shark Habits.

I am convinced that many of our festive traditions are rooted in Shark Habits. Years ago, my family found ourselves with nothing to do on Thanksgiving Friday. It’s a four-day weekend with schoolchildren and Thursday is the big day. We had two bored little girls in the house and we decided to set up for Christmas.

Since then, Thanksgiving Friday has been the sacred day when all of the Holiday Cheer is layered into our home. The whole house is transformed into the Spirit of Christmas. We have also added a new tradition when we finish: Wine and Prime.

We crack open a bottle (or two) of wine and go online and shop for Christmas. We utilize free shipping that day and take care of everyone on our shopping list. In full candor and apology, if you were down the list a bit, I might not be sure why we bought you “that” for Christmas that one year.

Shark Habits are the ultimate in “Do This.” Basically, for anything that can be done swiftly, DO IT NOW. One bite.

Shark Habits, Pirate Maps, Programming and Principles are the bulk of the talk, but I also go into how to apply and assess each of these in the life and athletics. I use simple definitions of health, longevity, fitness and performance to link the basics of Now What? together.

This is a three hour DVD and the On Target site adds the following:

  • Full Audio Recording of the presentation in MP3 format, 2 hours and 23 minutes
  • Full Transcript of the presentation in PDF format, 52 pages, including screenshots
  • The Presentation Slides in PDF format, 108 slides
  • Clickable Link Listing in PDF format
  • Dan’s Standards, Sample Warmups & Complexes—12-page PDF
  • Dan’s Dick Notmeyer Handout—a 5-page PDF
  • Dan’s Commentaries on Ralph Maughan Classic 1963 Discus Article—a 9-page PDF
  • PLUS more bonuses only when you buy from On Target Publications—
  • Dan John: What Makes an Athlete Elite?—a 56-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 10-page PDF transcript. Normally $5.95
  • Taylor Lewis: Training the 99% Client with the 1% Methods—a 40-minute MP3 audio recording, accompanied by a 9-page PDF transcript. Normally $3.95
  • There is a lot of information in the DVDs and the extras just make things “better.”Enjoy. I consider it my best work.Enjoy Now What? Here.

Before We Go

Compilations always make for a difficult introduction. Whereas Doctor Watson could always talk with Sherlock Holmes about the recent weather or cases too sensitive to discuss, the introduction here needs to remind the reader that the material contained within this book comes from blog posts and articles from all over the internet.

For someone who loves strength and conditioning, this formula has worked in the past. I never fly without a copy of John McCallum’s classic work, The Keys to Progress, and, like all compilations, the material repeats itself, conflicts with itself and repeats itself (did I say that?).

Anther favorite, Powerlifting Basics, Texas-Style: The Adventures of Lope Delk by Paul Kelso, is as much fun today as the first time I read it in 1996. Annually, I reread both and still laugh at the gym antics, the protein tablets and the training mistake stories that have been with me most of my life.

Yet in both cases, the materials conflict and repeat themselves. My motto as an administrator was “Repetition is the Mother of Implementation,” so perhaps one should consider the repetitive points to be illuminating rather than annoying.
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Can You Go?

Training people in sport as a coach or in fitness as a personal trainer is certainly rewarding work. But there’s a problem: What do we do next? There are countless books on diet and exercise, hundreds of machines, devices and gimmicks to train people, and new gadgets and gizmos are popping up with every passing day.

Can You Go? answers this question: What do we need to do next?

Appropriate assessment leads to an appropriate answer. When we find a mobility issue, let’s focus on mobility work. The same is true for both body composition and strength—we focus on what we need to do, not what we want to do.

For the performance athlete, sometimes assessment can be the short, brutal and harsh question, “Can you go?” Lessons from this frankness can be learned by both the coach and the trainer. The deconditioned and the elite share the same basic human body. Our job is to enhance performance and quality of life with every training situation.
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