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Discus Camp!!!

It is going very well. Really well. I have to tell you that I am appreciate all the calls and emails from former campers and family about how great this is and how it changes lives (for the better). This new kid here wants to be a thrower…”Stretch-1-2-3:” Jump…JUMP!!!! If you need to know what….  

My 1996 Discus Clinic Notes

Wow, memory lane! I found these and what makes me happy is this workshop, the California State Track and Field Workshop (you can see it in some of the sheets) was NOT well received by the audience. Now, I got “letters” later that were very impressed, but the coaches thought I was full of it…..  

All things discus

If you are interested in discus throwing, I have some notes on this page that you may find helpful For those who can’t seem to figure out “Quicktime”…I won’t mention names… I made a PDF of the 174 throw PLUS and exciting pic! Sixty (!!!) pages of reviews, discussions, ideas from the John Powell Discus….  

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