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The Front Squat

Leg strength is increased by doing rock bottom, ass on the heels, upright, elbows high, Front Squats. Dick Notemeyer felt that “you can’t Clean and Jerk it unless you can Front Squat it for a triple.” High repetition Back Squats could supplement leg workouts, but the key is Front Squats. Down Slow, Up Fast

One Arm Lifts

It may seem odd, but it all happened while we were doing our last total before the State Meet. Dave Turner, one of the real coaches who live in the trenches, was watching my lifts. “Your pull is strong, watcha been doing?” Dave asked. “You won’t believe this one.” “No really, you look strong. More….  


When I was in junior college, Dick had me do lots of hyperextensions. You really never see people do them anymore but my spinal erectors looked like my butt went up my back.

Warm Up: It’s More than Switching on the Radio

Daily Warmup at the Pacifica Barbell Club After weighing in, general stretching would begin the day. Two interesting stretches that we used at the Pacifica Barbell Club were shoulder dislocates with the “shoulder stretching machine,” a broomstick, and ankle stretches on the “ankle stretching machine,” a step. Sit ups and hyperextensions followed stretching. After stretching,….  

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