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The Power Clean Quotes

The Soviets did a study about the correlation between maximum Olympic lifts and assistance exercises. The first four lifts with “highest correlation” for helping on the competition platform were: Power Clean Power Snatch Clean Overhead Squat An article on one of America’s lifting superstars once summarized his secret with this wonderful line: “through extensive work….  

Tabata Exercises

The exercises that “work” for me on Tabatas are: Military Press: but you will do 11 reps in the first 20 seconds and be praying for 3 in the 8th. Maybe the muscle groups are too small. You could add more legs as you go through, but I found that then the weights are too….  

The Deadstop Front Squat

The germ of the idea of this lift came from my conversations at the “Old School” site. It is simply a variation of Brooks Kubik’s bottom position squats. Here is my original post: After I posted that “little gem” from Strength and Health, I have been struggling with finding an alternative (for those who know….  

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