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Forgot my Blog??? A new interview and a question

Did I forget my Blog? Sorry! New Interview here from my back porch.   “Dan, I train in tight quarters. I want to learn the Olympic style lifts, but I can’t afford to miss a lift, otherwise damage will be done. How should I train” That is where my Transformation Program came from I only….  

Inseason Training for Football

I’m no expert, but I coached HS football a long time and I just have a few ideas: 1. The “heavy” day should be the day after a game…actually, right after a game works well, too, especially for underclassmen who play on the day before the Varsity, having them train on the Friday, for example,….  

An Overview of Bill March Materials

First, I didn’t write any of this! I had some people ask me about Functional Isometric Conctractions and I put this together for those interested. I hope it helps. From the July 1964 “Lifters Corner,” by John Terpak, in Strength and Health:

Bob Bednarski’s Training Programs

When Bob Bednarski got his first “Lifter of the Year” award after he doing so well at the 1966 World Championships, Strength and Health Magazine published his workouts: Best lifts at the time: 402, 352, 446 (Press, Snatch and Clean and Jerk)

Norb “Skee’s” Workouts: America’s Champ for Three Decades

This material comes from a great Strength and Health article from 1964. This is GREAT stuff for a modern lifter to think about. “As a contest gets closer, I eliminate more and more power and substitute it with more and more Olympic lifting. Approximately eight to ten days before the meet I eliminate all power….  

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