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The Big 21 Program

A few years ago, I trained myself and a number of outstanding throwers using a simple variation of the Central Falls Weightlifting Club’s “21” program. It is simple on paper, but a killer in the gym. Don’t try this too many times in a row. Do the three weeks, unload, and repeat it. We did….  

Training for the Busy Working Guy

A couple of principles that I follow might help the “thinking process” of someone who works a normal job, has a social life, and still wants to train. First, embrace the concept of “Pareto’s Law.” This Italian economist discovered the “80-20 Rule” :that is, 80 percent of your results comes from 20 percent of what….  

Rotational Strength

In response to an inquiry on rotational strength, let me ramble on for a few hours. First, I have tried as a coach and a thrower to do every thing possible to build this aspect of my throw. It is harder than you think. I would always argue a good base of ab work for….  

The Thirteen Minute Drill

Training with “Fibonacci’s Rabbits” Be sure to Set the Clock and Time the total workout Be sure to go from one exercise to the other in each “superset” group. Finish all three sets of eight before moving on to the next group of supersets. Set the Equipment and Warm Up Group One Snatch from the….  

Olympic Lifting for the Master Athlete

Don’t skip this article just because you are not an old geezer. Trust me, the lessons most Master athletes learn usually are lumped into the category “I wish I would have known this before.” There are certain lessons you can learn from the mid-life crisis crowd that will pay for themselves in the long-term. A….  

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