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Dan John Rule of Ten

From about ten years ago… Ten quality reps a workout is about all I can do. So, 3 by 3 is great for me, as is 2 sets of 5, or 6 singles. I only count the real sets though. I remember one guy who said at the Upper Limit Gym that he was doing….  

Doing the Movements

An answer to a forum post about the O lifts Just by doing the lifts…even just the squat variations…you are miles ahead of most people who just talk about them. As a beginner, do the two O lifts very light multiple times a day. I would recommend a little more than a broomstick, but honestly….  

The Transformation Program

This is my basic training plan. It is nice “in-season” or when time is an issue. The Transformation Program This is a workout that has worked very well for a number of discus throwers/hammer throwers/shot putters that I have trained for the past few years. Its simplicity can really overwhelm an athlete. However, after a….  

The Body as One Piece program

This is a real world program. It took years to develop, so it went through a lot of revisions. I will try to make the stuff that doesn’t make sense, make sense. Week one Monday Power Snatch 6 sets of 3 (18 reps) trying to do two double pyramids After each set of snatches, immediately….  

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