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Olympic Lifting for the Master Athlete

Don’t skip this article just because you are not an old geezer. Trust me, the lessons most Master athletes learn usually are lumped into the category “I wish I would have known this before.” There are certain lessons you can learn from the mid-life crisis crowd that will pay for themselves in the long-term. A….  

Dan John Rule of Ten

From about ten years ago… Ten quality reps a workout is about all I can do. So, 3 by 3 is great for me, as is 2 sets of 5, or 6 singles. I only count the real sets though. I remember one guy who said at the Upper Limit Gym that he was doing….  

Doing the Movements

An answer to a forum post about the O lifts Just by doing the lifts…even just the squat variations…you are miles ahead of most people who just talk about them. As a beginner, do the two O lifts very light multiple times a day. I would recommend a little more than a broomstick, but honestly….  

The Transformation Program

This is my basic training plan. It is nice “in-season” or when time is an issue. The Transformation Program This is a workout that has worked very well for a number of discus throwers/hammer throwers/shot putters that I have trained for the past few years. Its simplicity can really overwhelm an athlete. However, after a….  

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