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The Body as One Piece program

This is a real world program. It took years to develop, so it went through a lot of revisions. I will try to make the stuff that doesn’t make sense, make sense. Week one Monday Power Snatch 6 sets of 3 (18 reps) trying to do two double pyramids After each set of snatches, immediately….  

The Rosenberg Protocol

Formerly known as the “Lincoln Program” Thanks to MLL for putting this together. Day One Warm Up Overhead Squats A few Sets of Three High Pull Cleans High Pull Snatches Three sets of Three with weights 5% under best of the lifts.(Do three sets of three clean high pulls followed by three sets of three….  

Vasily Zhuravlev’s Training Program

In Baton Rouge, Vasily told me that I need to work on my “finish” of my second pull. The next weekend, I failed to listen to him and fractured my wrist. Vasily finishes lifts better than anyone I know and I asked him how he trains. Day One Power Snatch plus Squat Snatch (Turn around….  

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