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What do you do AFTER a KB Cert…or, How Can I Play with my New Toy?

I had a good question come up recently about how to train post-Kettlebell Certification. If you don’t understand the terms, clearly, you missed something in the Cert. I would also recommend that you do Push Ups and Planks and “this and that,” but here is a nice way to take what you learned and run….  

Rack Work

Dick Smith from the old York Barbell Club  was the one who really understood the rack work, in fact, to quote Dick “Hoffman NEVER understood the rack work.”

Turning 50 Issues

A couple of quick suggestions: first, the role of hypertrophy needs to be addressed. One of things that starts to mellow out is the “passion” to train. Honestly, I don’t have the answer there, but a few years ago, DHEA was argued to be the answer here. So, whatever it takes to reignite the spark,….  

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