Workout Report: Garage Gym: 39 degrees in flip flops with shorts and a t-shirt

If there is a secret to success, “if,” I would argue that it comes in two parts: First, get good advice. Call it “coaching,” if you will. Second, do it. Yes, I know: amazing.

Today’s workout was one of those nice workouts that looks so easy on paper and yet, with the elements, becomes difficult. As many know, I am following Jim Wendler’s brilliant 5-3-1 program, get it here , and follow it. Today, I did Week Four Military Presses. I always do Pullups between pushes, as good advice from Pavel and Wil Heffernan. I have two cargo straps that drop from two bike hooks from the ceiling and I loop them through about four inches of narrow PVC, an idea I got from Dan Fouts.

The MPs are so easy on Week Four, so I pushed the Pullups. Since I am doing Kenneth Jay’s VO2 Program (Viking Warrior Conditioning, I had a day off from snatches as I did a test yesterday. I did the RKC test, 100 snatches as fast as possible and I broke my old record. When I do the 100, I do 20 Left, 20 Right, 15 Left, 15 Right, 10 Left, 10 Right, and storm through 5 Left and 5 Right. I don’t put the weight down and I can do the whole thing now without pausing. This is a far cry from how I used to do this!

For the 15/15, Viking Warrior Conditioning, Kettlebell Snatch questions, go here:

So, I had a “day off.” I decided to take MY advice and mix Goblet Squats with Pullups because I really need to pull more. (Vertically). Halfway through the sets, with a cool breeze driving up my shorts at the bottom position, it hit me “if you simply did what you tell others you would be okay.”

So, on Military Press days of the 5-3-1, I do a bunch of Pull Ups and Goblet Squats and feel good about doing it!
I recommend all of you look at the 15/15 protocol of the Kettlebell Snatch as a basic tool. On the forum, we talk about this a lot and maybe I will highlight this more in the future. I recommend for throwers and people who need just some basic heart beating work to play with 5, 8, 12 and 15 minutes of this idea. For most, five workouts over two weeks is a good introduction. I do it three to four times a week, but many of the workouts are with heavier bells and less time.

The Goblet Squat should be done daily (maybe even 5 minutes of the Viking Conditioning every day, too) and one KS Get Up. (See the sticky on the forum) Over a month, do the 5-3-1 three or four days a week for your barbell work, mix in ten workouts of 15/15, and take an honest evaluation of whatever else you need. I need Pull Ups! From this base (5-3-1, Viking Warrior Conditioning, some daily movements), give yourself a month to see what gaps are appearing. You might not find any!

But, that is the “secret,” folks. Get good advice. Take it.

Surprise yourself.

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