All things discus

If you are interested in discus throwing,
I have some notes on this page that you may find helpful

For those who can’t seem to figure out “Quicktime”…I won’t mention names…
I made a PDF of the 174 throw PLUS and exciting pic!

Sixty (!!!) pages of reviews, discussions, ideas from the John Powell Discus Camps
…including the SLC, Orlando and Dan John “Special” Camps

Pavel T and I outlined a
simple lifting program for throwers “Get Up!” A little handout I use
when people come and train with me to make sure I cover everything.

My Commentaries on Ralph Maughan’s Classic
1963 Discus Article.
My coach at Utah State University wrote this in 1963 and I attempted to update it

Thinking Throwing Through
An article dedicated to those valiant people who attempt “throws” competition with no background

Camp 2002
one of the best ever!

The “Lost” John Powell Information
A nice little overview of some of John’s training that somehow got lost in the nightmare of HTML

Show up, Don’t quit, Ask Questions
My three-part formula for success in life and sports

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