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You can listen through your browser by clicking on the links, or download them to your computer to listen via your desktop player or iPod by right-clicking, and selecting Save Link As to choose a place on your computer to save the files.

New Interview with Troy…worth your time!

A nice long interview

Troy Anderson did a long interview after the recent Utah seminar to share. Here are the direct links to the two-parter:

Troy Anderson, Dan John, Part 1

Troy Anderson, Dan John, Part 2

* Interview at Power-Quest. The first minutes are in German, then the interview starts. Second link down, episode 191

* IronRadio interview with Dan, Charles Staley, Phil Stevens, Rob Fortney and Lonnie Lowrey

* The Fitcast — Dan John: Do Your Behaviors Match Your Goals?

* My Strength Coach podcast interview with Anthony Renna is up. It’s episode # 39 — scroll down a bit to right-click and download the mp3 file for transfer to your iPod, or click at the top to listen online. Look for the part in the main section, after a bit with Michael Boyle and a couple other short spots.

An interview with my friends at FitCast

An interesting interview about the V Diet

Talking Kettlebells

And for the discus throwers — or those who’d like to learn — here’s a two-hour discus instruction video . Once you click on the link and see the page, press play, then wait a minute or two for it to download before it will begin. It’s a really large file.

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