Today’s Workouts: November 30, 2009

I thought it would be a good idea to plop up our daily workouts here and just give people a sense of what we do. Obviously, it isn’t everything and some of the terms are just names. For reference, see the new DVDs. I’m not huckstering here, but, honestly, how do you explain the Dead Bug series?

Also, this weekend, I had a chance to remind myself why I like Tim Tebow, the Florida Quarterback. He wins, he shakes hands. The USC-UCLA game finished in a brawl and Max Hall,  a BYU QB, noted this: “I don’t like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything.” I guess my issue with Hall is that he is 24. I graduated from college at 21, finishing four years of eligibility. At 24, I had a masters degree and had been teaching a couple of years. I know I said some dumb things in college (Lesson One: there is no “off the record.” At lunch with the press, a guy asked “off the record, besides the concussion what else was wrong?” I told him. That became the article.) and I tried to make amends.

Which is why I like Tim Tebow. He wins, he shakes hands.

Girl’s Fitness

Ten Minutes of “I Go/You Go” Kettlebell Swings mixed with planks.

Flexibility Work “Martha Graham Stretches”

Bulgarian Split Squats (Waiter/Rack/Suitcase) Three Sets of Five with Both Legs

Ten sets of two in the Bench Press

Ab Cluster


JD Warm up

Complex D (5 sets of 3)

Big Two (Either Front Squat/Bench Press or Deadlift/Military Press)

(For the guys trying to put on weight: 2 sets of 30 Back Squat…getting ready for hard stuff soon): no one who did this did anything else, by the way.

Sled Work, Farmer Bars, Pull Ups

Dan John

Easy Week, so I did Week Four of the Bench Press, ending up with 190 for five reps. And, it just blew off my chest like it wasn’t there. Since I did Bikram Yoga last night, I also tossed in an 8 minute 15/15 VO2 Max Kettlebell Snatch Workout with just the 16 kilo. Yes, it was light and easy. I have to talk at a dinner tonight, so I am in a rush to get all prettied up and all, but, as I review these amazing archives discovered by Laree “Indiana Jones” Draper, I realize that I have been encouraging people to take easy or off weeks for a long time.

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