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Tiffini got me a Kindle for Christmas. She let me open it up and load it for our trip next week to Ireland. Oh, yes, before I forget: if you are in the area, let’s get together. I will do what I can to let people know my days and stuff.

Back to the Kindle. My favorite thing is that the bulk of my favorite books are free. Now, that says a lot about either me or the universe, but I have a great Illiad, Odyssey, Count of Monte Cristo, A Christmas Carol and Sherlock Holmes all for nothing. I couldn’t find T. H. White and the Harry Potter books will NEVER be offered. Too bad.

I’m not sure most people realize that the bulk of my training “thinking” comes from Great Books. We had a General Penance this afternoon at the parish and I found myself mulling over the Genesis story again and again. I got this great insight about internet gurus and coaching and training about how so many of them are into “division.” “Our girls are tougher than your guys.” “We can do your workout, then ours, then eat the moon.”

It’s all nonsense, of course. Not long ago, somebody was mad at Mark Twight because Mark didn’t list them high enough on his list of influences. (For the record, if you are reading this Mark, I wouldn’t have put the guy on the list.) So, we had to watch another round of internet poo poo flinging. For the record, the gorilla at the Salt Lake City zoo (Hogle Zoo) is a champion thrower of feces and his name is “Dan.” I’m just saying…

I started yesterday by listening to a wonderful interview Troy Anderson did with Steve Ilg. I came away amazed again how Coach Ilg has the ability to combine, to stick together, to bond, to unite. His book, Total Body Transformation, is a guide book on how to connect all of this “stuff.”

Focusing on division, not this and not that, leads to all the problems. I am about to read the great last words of the Ghost of Christmas Present and I think it will be “ignorance” that spells the doom for mankind, unless the writing be erased. In training, it is always the things we ignore, the root of ignorance, that leads to trouble.

It’s a lesson too great to ignore.

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