Yeah, well, yes…I made up the word. The point is that sometimes in life and training, things just seem to come together and it starts to make sense. In the last few days, I had:

The Utah State University strength coach come down and visit and share stuff.

A long talk with an old friend who is now a throws coach and wants my daughter to throw at that university.

An online student come visit and realize that the “Dan John” who is his religious studies instructor is also the “Dan John” who writes for strength magazines.

I nailed my 5/3/1 workout and did my first 200 rep snatch workout (yes, just the 16, but it was still hard!).

Gary sent me pics of his 420 deadlift. Gary

I gave my quarter final in my theology class, did the whole med ball workout with my javelin thrower, typed a long boring review of my academic training and still managed to cook, clean, go to the bank and cleaners, help my mother in law and raise my kids.

In other words, I think this is why people like to read my mad ramblings. I am a normal guy. I watch “Glee” with my daughter and then review strength books. I just finished Sue Grafton’s new mystery (loved it!) and four books on lifting and throwing and nutrition.

For those of you interested in being a strength coach, I still recommend reading the Great Books (don’t forget Gilgamesh and the Brothers K). I still will tell you to square up your interpersonal skills, at least listen and read Tony Robbins. (And, watch this Simple Overview of Tony Robbins ) I would COMPETE as an O lifter, learn to pick a caber, and spend some time sitting down with coaches from a number of sports. Just ask this question: What are the three keys to winning in your sport?

Dick Notmeyer’s answer for an O lifter: 1. Leg Strength 2. Pulling Power 3. Tranquil Mind. I have answers from Division One basketball coaches, football coaches, great wrestlers and just about every thrower I can spend a minute of their time.

You see, it’s all about mentors. It’s all about communication. It’s all about learning more and more. The reason I have all these great tools and things at my disposal is because I ask simple questions and get great answers.

I’m deeply rooted in education. My answer is always learning more. And sometimes, it all comes together in one day.

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