December 1, 2009

Wow, December! With my “young” class, we are moving now into the Olympic lifts. Today, I took a fair amount of time going over nutrition again. You should all know the basics:

1. Eat Breakfast

2. Three meals a day

3. Take Fish Oil capsules

Or: 1. More Protein 2. More Fiber 3. More Fish Oil. I also went over protein timing. I recommend a small amount of protein, small…, within an hour or so of hard training. It’s an idea I got from Tom Fahey and it works. Just ten grams works well. The other “tricks” are half a protein drink when you go to sleep and the rest whenever you wake up. It works well for the young football players.

So, they got a full review of the clean, the Front Squat, the snatch and the Overhead Squat. We also spent a lot of time doing the “Exercise:” Power Snatch followed by the Overhead Squat. We will be moving to the Dave Turner Program soon. My advanced classes will do the workout I posted yesterday.  For me, I will go to Yoga tonight: light week, as I said.

Be sure to hit the Q and A site. If you have anything that I once wrote that deserves the light again, send it along with my thanks!

Dan John: Bikram Yoga in 45 minutes!

An older photo of Kelly's class learning the basics.

An older photo of Kelly's class learning the basics.

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