Ephedrine Question

The word about ephedrine in the throwing sports is that it does help burn fat and make your lifting go better (but it can really screw up your throwing with the whole “rage” issue), but your nervous system gets beat up very quick.

Odd comment, perhaps, but “I’ve been told” that it works for a while, then you just crash. A buddy of mine used to take a lot of OTC ephedrine when it was ‘more’ legal and he would have great workouts for a while, then simply not be able to get ready for track meets. It seems to keep you in “battle mode” for waaay too long and you can’t pull yourself up for competition.

So, I would think that short term, you would see some of the benefits, but when you crash, you crash hard. In the low carb world, those who push the ECA stack note that it does it best work when you no longer feel the effects…the heart rate up, the buzz, the chill/heat, that kind of thing.

I wish I knew more about supplementing fat burners, but you may want to closely monitor yourself and check to see if the burners are really working on your fat or just making you irritible.

The ladies who taught me some tricks about fat loss argued that sipping olive oil throughout the day was the best fat burner they knew…along with eat meat/drink water/lift weights. Your skin will look great, too.

So, I would say that the problem with ephedra and stacks and all that is that it is hard to figure what made you lose fat.

If you:

1. Ate Zero carbs
2. Lift hard
3. Drink 100 oz. of ice water a day
4. Sleep 9-10 hours each night
5. Sipped olive or flax oil every few hours
6. Took ECA,

…how would you determine which did what? For me, the more I sleep, the leaner I get…usually. That is why I do all my fat loss programs in the late fall and winter when it is easier (in Utah) to get lots of extra sleep.

Perhaps try to circle a 3 to 6 week test on the map and decide to low carb the whole time with lots of sleep and water and intelligent training. Take before and after shots from lots of views. Compare and Contrast them. Then, if you still want to go that direction, add a fat burner, do the photos and see if you change.

In six weeks, you should have enough proof whether it is the supplement or the lifestyle.

I would hedge my bets on the lifestyle, but I honestly don’t know.

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