Good Times!

There is this odd thing about the strength world. As a kid, I used to read about Dave Draper. Now, well, just look at the influence that he and Laree have had on my life. I’ve been a big fan of Steve Ilg’s work for years since I first bought “Total Body Transformation” the night I stood in line at midnight for one of the Harry Potter books. Of course, Mark Twight worked with Steve and that brings us to these pictures today.

The single best part of my short experience with crossfit has been meeting and working with Mark Twight. We come from the opposite sides of the continuum: I think two seconds is endurance work and he can climb for 48 hours. But, what a fun ride. If you don’t  know Mark, and he is going to roll his eyes here, he trained the guys for “300.” There is much, much more of course. I have traveled with Mark to wonderful places with cool stuff and trained people and learned much. Here are a few pics from our first meeting (Mark is taking the pictures, Johny Blitz is the “volunteer,” and the other guy is me at about 260):

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