Robb Wolf Breaks My Heart!

I love Robb. He has been my mentor in nutrition since we first shared emails in 1999 or so. Robb has had me play with ideas like only single foods at meals (stuff yourself on turkey or steak and it’s good for you!) and, of course, he was the guy to make me start taking, and pushing, fish oil capsules. Every time I talk to him, I come away with more clarity.

Robb gave me the big three keys years ago:

1. More Protein

2. More Fiber

3. More Fish Oil

All of you should recognize this advice as I know claim it as my own. In a long call today, Robb added some good ideas: keep that Fish Oil coming, but like Lyle McDonald, Robb is reminding me to make sure I take my Vitamin D3. Although the information is not “new,” the buzz around D3 is really growing. He also reminded me “no Gluten.” Grains et al make me bloat. But, God, I love them. So, I  will continue to find ways to avoid them, but I have to say this…or let Tom T. say it for me:

I like beer!

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