Working on the New Book/Problems in Training

Well, life would be too easy if everything clicked. As I start the process of organizing these grand thoughts, I think it sucks my excitement from training. Yesterday, I did a bunch one arm presses and pullups and I did two sessions of VO2 Max today, but it is just that odd funk that I get this time of year.

Utah can be brutal. Toss in a full day in-service and my enthusiasm for training dwindles. I’m okay with that, of course. I have learned to embrace lousy workouts years ago. You can always tell someone who is rather new: there is this expectation that everything is going to get better and better. Crack out the book “Mastery” again and think linear progression through a little bit. It simply doesn’t last long. Which is fine. As Earth, Wind and Fire said it so well: “That’s the way of the world.” Although it sounded better when they sang it.

So many things are coming up on me. I’m fine with all of this, of course. By August, there is a chance that Tiff and I will be empty nesters and it seems like yesterday I was dealing with childhood diseases. A friend told me today that days drag by, but years fly by.

Which is even more reason to never worry about crappy workouts. At least, you are working out.

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