I’m Working On Some New Ideas

The book, “Mastery,” has been running around my head for a few weeks. I’m still trying to recover from my workshop in Tacoma, we went for 12 hours I think, and I know that my attempt to teach “Reps” better by discussing posture, joint mobility, body movement in an image of “dabbling,” “obsessive” and “mastery” was confusing.

As most readers know, I am convinced that most people don’t do enough reps of everything and anything. You don’t tell people you love them enough and you don’t do enough throws and you don’t do enough squats. Reps are the answer, but the quality is the issue. When posture breaks, stop. When joint mobility is compromised, reassess. If it is a simple human movement, do a lot, if it requires a seamless combination of all of them, keep an eye on quality. If you are pounding your head against the wall to improve, stop.

If you believe, like I do, that the fundamental human movements need to be done a lot and often, it follows that you should do them a lot and often.

I enjoyed my time in Tacoma. I gave away some of my secrets and the ideas about reps are absolutely cutting edge. The workout I had them do is so “right,” that is amazes me. I will be posting some ideas about bring me to you on the site in a few weeks, but, for now, just keep this discussion alive at the Q and A area. I’m not sure there are any “secrets,” but doing the movements with posture in mind is certainly nothing new, but so few people do it!

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