Finally, a Chance to Sleep

I have been going at a rate that I can’t sustain. It is track season, so we had three meets in four days. The head coach is an idiot for scheduling like this. The next time I look in the mirror I will point that out. Last weekend, we had St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and I had the Blessing of the Kegs and a number of formal events and my workshop in Sunnyvale and the relocation people came over (if you missed it, Tiff and I are moving to California) and, well, there is more.

Today, I got to sleep in a bit and I am a new man. There is a wonderful chapter in Parkinson’s Law, find it-buy it-love it, that talks about a busy man being given a task. He does it in one minute. Mike Boyle has a wonderful last chapter in “Advances in Functional Training,” find it-buy it-love it, where he gives advice to young coaches. One great part is that “if you can answer an email in under a minute, do it.” The busier I get, the more emails I get! So, I answer them. My college classes start Monday, so with ‘all of this’ comes even more.

You know, my life is going to ease up quite a bit and I’m worried about it. Will I be able to be as productive with a lot of free time? It’s an honest question. Right now, I have this little daily goal:

100 KB snatches

Some Goblet squats

Work on the KB Windmill

Do the Hips Stretches from RKC II

Do some pressing.

It is my minimalist program for staying sane in track season. It’s a good program! With more time, will I just waste time? It’s something I think we all need to ponder: if I had more free time, what would I fill in?

My challenge is to continue to work on the mission. The problem is…my mission statement has radically changing as my daughters slide off to college and I walk away from teaching. For the next few weeks, I will be rethinking my core values (yes, it sounds like bull, but it works for me) and deciding what I want to be when I grow up!

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