Pain Leads to Pain Free

I’m not sure what was the hardest part of this last week, let’s review: Started this all with RKC II in San Jose and the physical and emotional issues that I noted in my last (now famous!) post. I had some issues at home with my daughters, nothing bad at all and the fathers of daughters who read this will nod gently, and I had to get up at 3:30 to catch my flight. I got off the plane, shuttled over to where Tiff left the car days before when SHE LEFT to go “somewhere,” drove to work, taught all day, had the first day of Track and Field Practice, graded my tests, dealt with my college classes and went to bed.

That was the easiest day of the week, by the way. The RKC II instilled some new drills into me and I decided to share them with my students. Although I couldn’t do a windmill in San Jose, teaching it slowly limbered me up. I took Dr. Jeff McCombs advice, to see his work go here: go to, and began finding a half an hour a day to hot tub. Think it is easy? Try finding a half an hour to sweat it out. He also advised me to look at my diet a bit and I’m telling you this guy is good. I suddenly realized a few things about why I thrived on Atkins, the Meat Leaves and Berries Diet, and the Velocity Diet. I need more protein and I might have some issues with breads and sugar.
Tweaking the diet, hot tubbing, Kettlebell yoga and some sleep have miraculously cured much of my reinjured hip issues. I was doing so well until I popped it at the state weightlifting meet. Alas.

What’s the point of all of this? Well, I don’t know, I rarely know the point. I think it might be something like this: We tend to ignore the things that work for us and keep looking over the fence at our neighbor’s grass. I “know” what makes me work but I lack the discipline to follow it.

Interested in hearing me? I’m in Sunnyvale, California next weekend.

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