Yeah, I’m that guy…

At this moment, I am sitting in the Delta Crowne Room sipping a Maker’s Mark and working on my next book(s). Today, we had the annual St. Patrick’s Parade and Tiff always jokes that I am running for mayor here. I have former students who ask about things that happened thirty years ago, current students who ask about track practice, friends, neighbors…well, everybody.

Halfway through, I get an urgent tap from Father Carley and we rush out in a snow storm to save kegs of Guiness from evil and I end up wheeling several kegs through wall to wall humanity. I get several “Hey Danny!s” as I drag the stuff through.

That’s why we lift weights. We lift weights so that when the time steps up to move kegs, we are at the ready. We are a noble brother and sisterhood, ready at any time to rally up and move kegs. Or whatever.

Off to Sunnyvale. It’s going to be another busy weekend.

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