Big Double Win Today

My Boys and Girls Track and Field Teams beat a major rival today. It’s one of those odd things where we didn’t really want to make up this meet (snowed out last week) and they insisted. So, without as much as a “how do you do” from the other head coach, my little team went out and did great. Lindsay, my daughter, sent a new Personal Record in the discus as did most of my other athletes.

You know, it got me to thinking: just as I finally figured out how to be a Head Coach, my tenure is over. This was a well run meet with my assistant coaches doing a simply brilliant job keeping the whole thing moving forward. Just as I figure it out…over.

I’m thinking that this is a truism for most of life. I have been teaching Buddhism the last weeks and also using Dan Millman’s “Peaceful Warrior” materials for discussion. Buddha talks about suffering and Dan has some great insights on it, too. “Throw out the garbage” is certainly a nice way to look at things. The great ones all get to this point, as Joseph Campbell commented: “Follow your Bliss.” Just as head coaching is actually, well not exactly…but let me run with the point, blissful, I head off to another life.

I’m just guessing here, but I really think that when Dan Martin and the gang meet up with me on the beach in California to work Kettlebells, I think I might be blissful without five years of hard work. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…

To be honest, I have a dreamlike vision of my future. I have come so far with my injuries that they are not even injuries any more. My career is exploding. So, I walk on. Sadly, I walk on just as I figure out what I’m doing in this career.

I’m sure there is an answer here, maybe a point. I have had this one of a kind adventure for five years teaching and coaching my daughters and their friends and having so many opportunities to meet and wander around with wonderful people. So, like I told my students today:

What time is it? Now.

Where am I? Here.

Enjoy it while you got it…

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