Trying to stay afloat

I’m not sure what is the most stressful thing in my life:


Selling house.

Daughters (both!) are graduating.

Track Season.

I would say Track Season. I think after five years of being head coach that a few things make sense. It’s all Power Laws, first and foremost. I can bring 100 kids to a meet, but only a few score. And, those are also the kids that never miss practice, meetings, due dates and all the rest. Having  a dozen kids in the track program would be as invigorating as a hundred. And, easier on the mind. The more I coach, the more respect I have for myself as an athlete. It is amazing to think that years ago I was “in the dumps” from throwing in the 160s. I would every meet that I coach at now with my worst days “back in the day.” Not trying to go all Bruce Springsteen “Glory Days” on you all, but it is funny to think that mediocre stresses me out! I get a lot of joy out of watching a kid develop himself over a four year span. Practically every kid I know can make all-state in track in Utah in something. Seriously. It just takes the effort.

Ah, I’m just rambling. I think the point is important: success is an inside job. I can only do so much for you and you can only do so much for me. You gotta spend the hours alone mastering the craft. And then…people will tell you how “easy” you make it look.

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