Moving, Regionals, Life

Today, I am moving furniture. It is the only Saturday I have had off in months, so I am donating and giving a bunch of stuff away. It was very sad to give away (to a very nice person) our downstairs furniture. It was made of jean material which was perfect for a pizza and movie party for the girls. It’s gone.

Lindsay won the Regionals in the shot and took second in the discus. She is the shortest thrower by far, but she is so consistent that it puts a lot of pressure on the others. Her high school career is down to 12 throws, if she makes the finals. It happens so fast.

I’m sure there is a lesson here. There is an old old Irish bit of wisdom about asking the Creator of All to just stretch time a bit more to enjoy these beautiful moments. For those of you with young ones, I can remember always being in a rush to make sure of this and that and I let those seconds and minutes fly past me. I would like to breath out and smile a bit at the state meet this week and just enjoy the opportunity to watch my daughter throw. But, I’m sure someone is going to need a key or a pass or a baton or a drink and pull me away from this moment that never will happen again.

It’s gone.

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