Help me. Help you. Help me. Help you.

I am just waiting for “Glee” to start, so I am giddy as a school girl. I have sure enjoyed the TIME to train and lift and write. Gary (my brother) and I have been throwing quite a bit. It has been five years since I actually had the time to train. This is no joke, at best, all I did was hold on.

I enjoy the writing. I am working on my second and third books and while I was swimming, I thought about how valuable Questions and Answers are for me to muse about in my little head.

So, if you are interested and have questions regarding “The Art of Lifelong Fitness” and it relates to goal setting, posture, grace, stretching, eating, life in general or lifting long term, I would enjoy mulling over them and adding them to the work. Help me. Help you.

It’s been fun lately training. Fun. I’m sure I have lost a ton of fat this week as I just feel better and happier. I really enjoy this stuff. I miss training. I miss learning things. Oh, I wouldn’t trade coaching Kelly to All State and Lindsay to the State Championships for the world (well, maybe the world…), but it came at a high price. Anyone who ever said that I got my “dream job,” truly was making things up in their head. If you have a hobby that you truly love, LOVE I tell you, then have to teach a group of kids who were often sent in because of discipline issues in other classes this hobby, trust me, it will make you ache. Sure, absolutely most of the kids were gems, but life is all about Power Laws and one or two (or four) in a big class can make life miserable for everyone.

That’s why I love what I will be doing tomorrow. Each week, Dan Martin organizes a little gathering, for free, and people who want to learn kettlebells or mobility or whatever, just show up and train.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Just after Glee, of course.

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